Peru - Cenfrocafe - 50 BAG LIMITED RELEASE

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This Limited Release coffee has the perfect balance of chocolate and dried fruit flavor notes.  It has a clean finish and is a dream for pour-over enthusiasts!

Cupping Score:  90

About the farmer:

Efraín Carhuallocllo (ef-rah-EEN car-wah-YOKE-yo) lives in the village of El Corazón with his wife and daughters, located in the province of Chirinos in the Cajamarca region of northern Peru. He dedicates 2.5 hectares of his land to the production of his preferred variety yellow caturra. By separating his varietals, which is still uncommon in Peru, Efrain is able to provide us with a beautiful coffee that is delicately crafted.

About the Importer:

Yellow Rooster is a relationship based company who's goal is to, like a rooster, announce a new day.  A new day in the coffee supply chain, where growers are vital participants in the trade of their product, not beholden to the trickle down scraps of whatever whims the market has from month to month. Their grower partners often set their own prices, and Yellow Rooster simply act as ambassadors to the North American market, presenting great coffees to great roasters. 

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