Our mission

Our mission is to use coffee as a way to make the community more connected. How do we achieve this? We use industry leading technology and professional techniques to roast and brew specialty coffee. 


It all started in Italy  (so cliche right? haha)

In the Summer of 2013, founding owner, Kyle Tabor, embarked on a backpacking trip through Italy. What he experienced there changed his life forever. Kyle went to Italy to watch professional cyclists compete. What he remembers the most was the community that he found living inside of the Italian cafe. Inside of the typical Italian cafe, people of different gender, religion, age, sex, political background ext.. all hangout in one space. This inspired Kyle. He knew that this was needed in his hometown. After that trip, he committed himself to opening a cafe in Conway. 

Upon returning home, he began to work on a business plan for, "Blue Sail Coffee," during his senior year at the University of Central Arkansas. After graduation, Kyle used a dinky little espresso machine, a credit card, and determination to open his first cafe in downtown Conway. For the first three months, Kyle pioneered the company sleeping on a cot in a storage room. Fortunately, the community supported his hard work and vision, and Blue Sail has grown ever since. 

Now, Blue Sail has a roastery, two cafes, and some of the best employees on the planet. To this day, we still operate guided by the founding idea. which is to ultimately connect the community through coffee and great service.