At Blue Sail we are so excited to share our first Direct-Trade coffee from the Long Miles Coffee Project in Burundi. We have been waiting for this coffee for a long time and we are so glad to finally release it to our community. Continue reading below for more info on the coffee and pictures of Long Miles Coffee Project's work. Come into the shop for a cup or buy a bag in-store or online. We also have t-shirts and tank-tops available.

(Pictures and info courtesy of Long Miles Coffee Project)

Gaharo Hill
"We are Full"

Burundi is one of the hungriest countries in the world. Fortunately, people like Ben Carlson have recognized the amazing potential in this country’s coffee. His organization, the Long Miles Project, is dedicated to improving coffee growing communities in Burundi by focusing on farm-level quality improvements.

Our mission at Blue Sail is to source coffee in relational ways that benefit our coffee farmers. We are so proud of our partnership with LMP. 

Coffee Info:

  • Varietal: Arabica; Heirloom Bourbon with natural Jackson hybrid
  • Harvest Season: Mid-March to Mid-June
  • Altitude: 5908 ft

All pictures and information courtesy of Long Miles Coffee Project.