Who We Are

Blue Sail is a coffee company inspired by coffee's ability to change culture. We believe that a strong coffee culture has the ability to make a profound positive effect within our community. Therefore, it is our mission to build the coffee culture in Central Arkansas. It is our desire to educate and inspire others to not only learn about, but also insist of consuming ethically acquired coffee. By importing quality coffee that is ethically grown, we achieve our goal of empowering our coffee farmers to be prosperous. This is how we change the culture surrounding coffee.



Our Story

Company owner and founder, Kyle Tabor, opened Blue Sail Coffee in May of 2014. The store that he opened on 1028 Front Street started with nothing more than one dinky espresso machine, enough cash on hand to last one month, and a burning passion for ethical coffee sourcing and quality coffee. Fortunately, the Conway community supported this idea and fell in love with each cup of coffee. A culture began to grown, and within nine months, the company was nominated by the Arkansas Democrat Gazette as one of the top coffee shops in Arkansas. Now, Blue Sail Coffee is Conway’s first and only green coffee importer and coffee roaster, and also officially opened its second location in the Donaghey Corridor in October 2016.

When you visit one of our locations, you can expect to find carefully selected, high quality, and ethically sourced: coffee, tea, chocolate, pastries, and crafts.. You can also expect to find demonstrations on the newest brewing equipment, live local music, indoor plant­life, local art, and a super friendly staff. We passionately reach out to help local artists, entrepreneurs, farmers, and nonprofits. If there is any way we can help you or your organization, let us know! We are right here, seriously.